Bradbourne House wedding | Kent wedding beetle

Just back from Laura and Chris’s wedding today at the very lovely Bradbourne House in East Malling, Kent.  I don’t think you’d realise this grand place was there unless you knew about it, tucked away down a small entrance off the road.  The weather wasn’t very dry today, but as Laura and her dad discussed in the car, it could have been far worse as their original plan was to have the wedding in Scotland.  And Scotland has quite a lot of snow today.  A bit of wet weather didn’t seem too bad considering!  I’ve been to far wetter weddings in summer months, that’s the one thing you have absolutely no control over… the great British weather.

Laura looked lovely in her dress and Chris very dapper in his suit.  Chris hired the Aston Marton in the pics as a treat to himself, hmm, I know which car I’d rather travel in 🙂