Marianne Taylor | wedding beetle images

We like to take a few pictures of you and Pootle for our memories and gallery, if ok with you!  Sometimes it’s just not possible, and after all, I’m there with my car for you.  Which is why I was so pleased when Marianne Taylor gave me some pics she took of Pootle at Anna & Russ’s London wedding last month.  They are absolutely stunning, and Anna and Russ will be spoilt for choice choosing their album from her….  Such a talented lady.  I’m even buying a big print of Pootle outside the hotel because he looks so darned good!  Seeing the full wedding in pictures made me realise just how unbelievably pretty the day was, Anna’s eye for detail is superb and her Stephanie Allin dress and veil was just stunning.

If you like candy, all things pretty, gorgeous flowers, crockery, detailing, and pictures of people enjoying themselves, head over to Marianne’s blog here.  I’m sure this wedding will be featured in a magazine soon.  I’m also very pleased that Marianne got a shot of us from high up on the bus of us with our roof open (for once)!