Newland Hall wedding | Essex wedding beetle

I had a sneaky feeling after a few days of rain that John and Laura’s day would be dry, bright and lovely and I was right 🙂  I picked up Laura and her very entertaining father from their home in Rochford and we headed to Newland Hall near Chelmsford, Essex.  Most brides don’t need to stay in Pootle for longer than a few miles, but today we had a 26 mile journey to venue.  Lots of VW chat to be had on the way, as like myself, Laura used to own a beetle and regularly attended Bug Jam back in the day, ah, those were the days…. and of course, lots of chat about John and the wedding 🙂

Laura looked amazing in her Essence (of Australia) dress and her hairstyle looked fab too.  Her curls were helped out by my emergency can of Elnett hairspray during the afternoon, as we both have fine hair and I know curls take some effort to stay put!  A gorgeous afternoon, a very lovely intimate wedding venue and a lovely sunny drive back to Kent.