Our VW wedding beetle, thinking about hiring us for your big day?

Firstly, superb choice! Our VW wedding beetle, Polly Pootles, has attended hundreds of amazing weddings over the years, and we’ve driven many different brides to their big days. We thought we’d put a quick list of questions that tend to pop up regularly!

Will my dress fit?

Yes, 100%… all sorts of dresses have been in our wedding beetle, ones with hoops, Candy Anthony dresses with their huge petticoats, layers of tulle, delicate dresses, veils in all shapes and sizes… there is a nack to helping you into the car and we’ve got you covered! With dresses that crease easily, we’ve got that covered too by rolling and not folding any floor length material.

Does the ribbon and decorations come with the car?

Absolutely… we only use satin ribbon, not the plastic naff stuff and have a variety of colours. We can get most shades if you’re after something specific. The flower garlands come with our wedding beetle, if you’d like something specific we can look into that for you at cost (you can obviously keep them afterwards). There is also a neutral flower display on the back parcel shelf.

Can I leave my handbag or any items with you while the ceremony is taking place?

Yes, 100%… think of us as an extra unseen bridesmaid on your big day! We will help you in any way we can whilst with you. I’m usually the one carrying the train of your dress up those church steps, or making sure you’re holding onto your veil just right if it’s windy for your big entrance!

How many people can fit into Polly Pootles, can you do multiple trips?

Polly Pootles is a 4 seat car, so with a driver, there are 3 spare seats. Usually we’re taking the bride and whoever is giving them away, occasionallly we have a bridesmaid or mum in the front seat too. We can undertake ‘shuttle’ trips for bridesmaids, but only if the ceremony is near to the home or hotel of where the bride is getting ready. This is due to eating into that precious ‘getting ready’ time for ‘team bride’ and my priority is always the bride.

Can children travel in Polly Pootles?

Due to Polly Pootles’ age, there are no rear seatbelts. Only children over 12 can sit in the passenger seat (with seatbelt). Of course, for any photos or a slow pull up to a venue on private property, I am more than happy to accommodate your wishes.

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How long have you owned Polly Pootles?

When I say ‘we’ I mean myself and Polly Pootles! We’ve been together for 30 years now, Polly Pootles was my first car. Not my everyday vehicle now obviously!

Can we have photos with Polly Pootles after our ceremony if we’ve only booked a single trip?

Yes, 100%… we’d be very disappointed if you didn’t! We usually stay for around an hour or so after your service and will always liaise with your photographer about their plans. Once finished, we then find a discrete moment to slip away quietly.

Do you have bottles of water in the car?

The question should be what do I not have in the wedding beetle! Yes, absolutely, bottles of water, sugary sweets, tissues, wet wipes, hairspray, needle & thread…

What venues have you been to?

So many over the years, too many to list! All sorts of barns, country homes, hotels, cottages, beachside venues, grand stately homes… you name it! Our travels are mostly on our Instagram page.