The ‘Hirer’ and their responsibilities

The ‘Hirer’ is the person making the booking and they are solely responsible for said booking.  The ‘Hirer’, by accepting our service verbally or completing a booking form, is entering into a legally binding contract with ‘Polly Pootles’.  Any changes to the booking once made, must be made in writing by the ‘Hirer’.  The ‘Hirer’ is also responsible for the conduct of all his or her party and fully agrees to all Terms and Conditions as set out by ‘Polly Pootles’, paying a deposit signifies such acceptance.

beetle for wedding car hire

Booking fee and payment

A £50 booking fee is required to secure any booking date with ‘Polly Pootles’, along with a completed booking form (you have the right to cancel within 14 days of booking and your booking fee will be refunded).  The remaining balance is required 30 days before actual wedding date by bank transfer only (cheques can be accepted in some circumstances, a £5 admin fee is applicable to each cheque).  If our route to you/the wedding journey incurs toll charges, these will be added to the invoice.


Any cancellation must be made in writing by the ‘Hirer’ by post or email 30 days before booking date, otherwise the remaining balance will still be required 30 days before booking date.  It is at the discretion of ‘Polly Pootles‘ to cancel any remaining balance for the ‘Hirer’ due to tragic or unforseen circumstances, minus the booking fee.  The ‘hirer’ has the right to cancel the booking in the first 14 days from booking with refund of booking fee.  The booking fee is non refundable going forwards, if the wedding date needs to change then the booking fee can be applied to a new date, if we are available.

Hire time

Single bookings provide up to 3 hours hire time from the agreed arrival time at pick up address, and dual bookings provide up to 4 hours time from the agreed arrival time at pick up address.  Any additional time needed with the car on the day (after original booking) cannot be guaranteed, but if agreed, time is charged at £50 per hour (or part thereof), payable on the day in cash only. 


We check each route about a week before your booked date to check for any roadworks or diversions.  Our routes are pre-planned, as direct as possible, but we also try and avoid anything which may have an impact on Pootle, i.e. narrow lanes.  Should you wish to go a specific route, this must be arranged when we contact you to double check details.


‘Polly Pootles’ will not accept any liability for any belongings left in our Beetle, but we will do our utmost to return any items to you that we find.

No smoking / food / drink policy

‘Polly Pootles’ has a strict no smoking/vaping policy in and around our Beetle.  The consumption of food or drink is also not permitted unless authorised by us. 


The ‘Hirer’ agrees they are liable for any damage caused to our Beetle by themselves or any member of their party.  The ‘Hirer’ will also agree to be liable for the cost of repair at our regular VW garage.  ‘Polly Pootles‘ will also impose a £150 valeting charge should our Beetle/s be misused through food, drink or illness.


If ‘Polly Pootles’ feels any person(s) behaviour becomes detrimental to others in Polly Pootles or towards Polly Pootles itself, the hire of the Polly Pootles will be terminated with immediate effect and no refund given.

Maintenance and mechanical failure

Our Beetle is maintained to extremely high standards but due to its age, the unforseen can happen and the ‘Hirer’ agrees that ‘Polly Pootles’ cannot be held responsible for any mechanical, electrical or material breakdown.  Our Beetle has Breakdown Cover in place and these services will be called upon immediately.  If the Beetle cannot be repaired in a timely fashion we will try and find alternative transport for you (‘Polly Pootles’ cannot be held responsible for any costs involved).  ‘Polly Pootles’ will also not be held responsible for any missed timings should our Beetle experience trouble en route but arrive at your destination/s, heavy traffic due to accidents/road closures etc.  We strongly recommend you take out your own wedding insurance to cover any transport issues.  In the rare event that our Beetle becomes unavailable for your booked date, we will do our utmost to help you find a similar vehicle (we know a few VW companies) and a full refund of booking fee and any other monies paid will be given to the ‘Hirer’.

Adverse weather conditions

‘Polly Pootles’ do take winter wedding bookings, but the ‘Hirer’ agrees ‘Polly Pootles’ are not liable should any adverse weather conditions force our Beetle to be unavailable for your booked date for safety reasons.  This includes snow, icy conditions, flooding, high winds etc., we offer a refund of monies paid minus deposit.  (This does not cover breakdown as this is beyond our control.)

Children and seatbelts

Due to the age of Polly Pootles, there are no rear seatbelts and the ‘Hirer’ must accept this.  Children under the age of 12 are not permitted to travel in Polly Pootles.


Classic beetles are deemed a 4 seater vehicle by law.  As a general rule, we will only take 2 adults at one time in Pootle (excluding driver), it is at our discretion to take 3 people.  Should your photographer need a lift as the 3rd person, there is no room for any bulky equipment or photography cases.  Please check at the time of booking about any additional passengers, as extra charges could apply for any unarranged trips.

Consent for photographs / video

‘Polly Pootles’ may take a handful of unobtrusive photographs of the bridal party with Polly Pootles for use on our blog, gallery or marketing material.  If you do not wish any photos or video to be taken, please let us know at the time of booking.  Of course, you can have a copy of anything we take, including video for use on instagram reels.